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The British Association for Fair Trade Shops and Suppliers (BAFTS) is an association of members in four membership categories who, although independent, unite in a core purpose which is to bring about fundamental changes in the status of developing world producers through Fair Trade retailing and campaigning.

Fair Trade shops and suppliers promote social justice for the producers of the goods they sell. Our members work together to create an alternative model to conventional international trade; a model in which human rights are at the top of our agenda.

BAFTS seeks to create a vibrant network of members, so that we are better able to contribute towards the building of greater justice and equity in the world. The association and its members support campaigns that increase awareness and understanding of the needs of producer workers and of their rights. Here’s what some of them say about the value of their membership:

It gives a well-established and known accreditation for our business. It gives new customers the assurance that they are ordering from a business with this endorsement.
Myakka is proud to have been recognised as a Direct Sourcing Retailer (DSR) member of BAFTS since 2006. The network of support enjoyed between like-minded organisations is invaluable to us.
You can stay well informed of new suppliers and the stories behind the products which in turn gives your customers confidence in you as a truly ethical business.
Having an independent shop can sometimes feel quite isolating, but knowing that you are part of a like minded community gives a wealth of support and strength with many opportunities to network.
BAFTS membership helps me back up my claims to fair trade, so that when customers ask me what fair trade means, I can show them something concrete. It also gives me a sense of being part of a wider community of retailers who are working towards a fairer world.

How to Join Us

Thank you for your interest in The British Association for Fair Trade Shops and Suppliers. If your organisation is based in the UK you can apply to become a member of BAFTS if you satisfy our membership criteria.

BAFTS full membership comes in three categories – Shops, Suppliers and Direct Sourcing Retailers. Once our Applications Panel has assessed your application form we will decide which is the most appropriate category for you. The distinctions depend on whether you sell retail or wholesale and whether you import the goods you sell directly, or buy from UK based wholesalers.

Our membership fee (as at 16.5.2016) is 0.15% of annual turnover excluding VAT for all members with turnover up to £749,999. Members with turnover in excess of this amount to be given the option of paying a fee of 0.1% and giving additional benefits to BAFTS by prior negotiation with the board eg providing design services, social media services or sponsorship of printing costs. There is a minimum fee of £30 per year and a maximum fee of £1,500 per year. Following our 2017 AGM, some fee amendments will be coming into force from 1.7.2017.

Full shop members are retailers who sell at least 60% of their goods from certified Fair Trade sources, which we categorise as: Fairtrade marked goods, and goods sourced from WFTO or BAFTS members.

Associate members are retailers (ONLY) who source at least 50% of their goods from these sources. Associate members pay the same fees as full members and have the same right to use the BAFTS logo but do not have the right to vote at the AGM.

Direct Sourcing Retailers sell only to the general public but they import some or all of the goods they sell from the developing world.

Suppliers wholesale some or all of the goods they sell and import from the developing world. Membership is based on your organisation’s commitment to the Ten Principles of Fair Trade so you will be asked to give detailed explanations of how you and the people who produce your goods adhere to these principles.

Download the application form here BAFTS-NEW-Amalgamated-FORM 2017

We know all businesses are different, and this is particularly true of fair trade businesses, and one size doesn’t fit all, so please email admin@bafts.org.uk if you’re not sure which category you fall into, or would like to discuss your specific situation. Completed forms can be emailed direct to this email address.

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