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The 10 Principles of Fair Trade by Ramona Hirschi, Little Trove

THE HEARTBEAT OF FAIR TRADE I recently gave a talk at a conference in Jersey about how current trade favours certain countries and leaves the poor marginalised. I showed how trade trends can be changed if people thought and acted differently towards all the resources this world has to offer.

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How many 17 year olds can say they have run an award winning business? A surprisingly large amount actually, thanks to Young Enterprise, a scheme created to teach teenagers about business through business. Teenagers across the country are given the opportunity to set up their own company with a product

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Gilli Robbins retires from 10 years of managing Fair Trade at St. Michael’s, Oxford

Gilli Robbins: a life in fair trade Shop Manager retires after 10 years of bringing fair trade to Oxford Fairtrade at St Michaels, St Michael at the North Gate, Cornmarket Street, Oxford OX1 3EY Gilli Robbins has been at the helm and the heart of Fairtrade at St Michaels since

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Thoughts on “The True Cost” Movie by our Marketing and Membership Coordinator

Andrew Morgan’s docufilm “The True Cost” was released worldwide on Friday 29th May. It shed harsh light on the garment industry, the pitfalls of excessive consumer capitalism and the cons of relentlessly pursuing profit whilst ignoring the hidden costs to humanity and our environment. It moved me to tears to see

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