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BAFTS’ Board members include both shop and supplier members and offer a diverse range of experience, skills, backgrounds and opinions. Located across the UK, the Board meets in person about 4 times a year, communicating at other times using gmail and Skype. This greatly reduces costs and travelling time, allowing members to work more efficiently. Meetings are busy, challenging and inspiring – it is an exciting place to be and we welcome enquiries from BAFTS members interested in joining the Board to continue our progress and development as a national membership organisation.
Board roles are voluntary and include named posts of Treasurer, Chair, Company Secretary, New Applications Co-ordinator and Renewals Co-ordinator. The posts of Chair, Treasurer, New Applications Coordinator and Renewals Coordinator attract an Honorarium of a maximum of £500 per annum, although these are taken at the discretion of the Board Member and depending upon BAFTS’ overall finances. With the Board’s desire to work more closely with all members during the renewals process, we have a dedicated Applications and Renewals panel consisting of Joanna Pollard, Martin Mikhail (New Applications Coordinator), Jane Stokes, Robin Stokes, Martin Roe, and Jackie Roe. If you’d like to find out more about what’s involved in joining the Board, please contact one of the existing board members or email membershipsupport@bafts.org.uk  for an informal chat.

KATHRYN SYGROVE our Executive Officer is currently working 22 hours a week. She has been joined by our Administrator Pam Bochel (10 flexible hours usually on Mondays and Thursdays) who works closely with the Panel. She is responsible for coordinating the entire process of New Application and Renewals.

HAZEL DOBSON      Elected 2013

May2018_GatewayWorldShop3_previewHazel joined Gateway World Shop in 2006 as manager with overall responsibility for buying, admin, staffing, marketing and education.  Gateway World Shop is in Durham, North East England. She is a trustee of Gateway Development Trust and advises on projects connected to the shops’ fair trade suppliers, where the trust may be able to help through the provision of small grants. As the shop is in St Nicholas Church, Hazel liaises with their staff and shares an office with the church administrators.  She has visited producers in Peru, Nepal and Vietnam, and as a result of this has given multiple talks in and around Durham on the advantages to producers and artisans of trading fairly.  Justice in all its forms has always been dear to her heart and as she hails from a very large family learned first hand the benefits of fair shares and treating others as you would have them treat you. In another life Hazel had two main careers, first as a civil servant and then as a private nanny, with various other experiences along the way including in education and retail.  She also spent 30 years as a leader in the Guide Association.  She feels she has finally found her true vocation and, as Gateway was a founder member of BAFTS, felt it was time to show her own commitment and joined the board.

SUSAN RADFORD  Elected 2013

WP_20150223_002Susan is a Director of Namaste, which has been a supplier member of BAFTS since 2002. Namaste is based in Skipton, North Yorkshire, and buys from a wide range of producers across Asia, including several WFTO members but is committed to developing skills within small producer groups through the charities Freedom Matters and The Esther Benjamins Trust. These charities work with youth victims of trafficking in Nepal to give them skills to build independent lives. Sue regularly travels abroad to source new products on behalf of Namaste which has given many opportunities to work closely with small scale producers and a real insight into how fair trade can benefit and improve the lives of small communities. Sue joined the BAFTS board to help and support their future development and to show her commitment to fair trade.

LAURA CAVE                                        Elected to Board May 2017, Elected as Chair of the Board May 2018

Laura Head Shot- squareLaura Cave founded Just Trade (UK) Limited in July 2006 with the primary aim of providing fairly paid, flexible work and training for women living in some of the poorest shantytowns in Lima, Peru.

Whilst studying jewellery design at The School of Jewellery in Birmingham and later the Royal College of Art in London, she visited Peru on numerous occasions to volunteer with a fair trade jewellery project, and it was there that her friendships grew with local women. She saw incredible potential in the skills that they already had, materials that were available locally and their desire to learn more. She wanted to collaborate with them to make desirable products that are valued not only for their fair trade approach but also for the quality of the design and craftsmanship.

Just Trade now works with eight producer groups in PeruEcuadorIndia and Vietnam. Laura visits the artisans on an annual basis to focus on training, product development, capacity building and to ensure the welfare of all. Just Trade has been a supplier member of BAFTS since 2008.

CHRISTINE BRITTIJN                                                                                                    Elected Treasurer May 2016

christine mug shotChristine’s interest in social justice stems from some well spent years living and travelling in India and other parts of Asia. A chance meeting in 1998 while volunteering in a ‘Wereldwinkel’ (world shop) in her native Netherlands, led her to become the UK distributor for the products of an Indian social enterprise. Together with her now husband Vince, she set up Greater Goods in 2000. Greater Goods is a small importer, working with three suppliers, two of which are WFTO members, and has been a BAFTS member since 2001.  Christine is keen to place Fair Trade in a larger context and has an interest in ethical consumption, and social and environmental justice. She has an academic background in development economics, and loves Indian food, growing veggies and cooking veggie food.

MARVI SCALA                                                                                                                       Elected to the Board 2018    IMG_4404Being part of the Board is an honour, I do believe that is never just about what someone can bring, but also about what can be learned in the process. I hope I can help by bringing new perspectives and adding to the work that has been already done. Lost in Samsara, of which I am Co-Founder, is a sort of hybrid, as we work directly with producers, but are also a retailer, so I can help deepen the understanding of both sides of BAFTS work.

I have experience in working with organisations like IANSA (International Action Network on Small Arms) and Friends of the Earth. Through IANSA I have learned how to liaise with its members and organise events like the Week of Action on small arms and the UN Biennial Meeting of States. Through Friends of the Earth I learned about campaigning, outreach and organising training days that were part of the grassroots work developed by the Rights and Justice Team of which I was part.

I hope I can help BAFTS develop and strengthen the relationship it has with its current members and help get its work more widely-known by the public.

MARTIN MIKHAIL   (see information under Panel)                  Elected as New Applications’ Officer 2018

KATHRYN SYGROVE        EXECUTIVE OFFICER                                                 Employed since March 2013

30052556_2134730580146072_6180756613246359711_o (1)Kathryn has been employed since March 2013 as part-time Marketing and Membership Coordinator for BAFTS which was a newly-created position at that time. March 2016 saw her job title revised to that of Executive Officer, in light of her increased experience. With a background of years of involvement spearheading Durham’s achievement of Fairtrade City status, and as a part-time employee of Gateway World Shop, her experience incorporated a thorough awareness of Fairtrade and fair trade, BAFTS’ shop member requirements, and a persistent willingness to turn her hand to new things, especially event organisation, writing articles for the local Press, mastering website administration, getting involved in Outside Sales, and producing County Durham Fairtrade Directories for the North Eastern Co-operative. She is also a qualified Languages Teacher, who loves spreading the word about BAFTS and its members. Her desire is to see BAFTS expand and become much wider-known in the UK.

PAM BOCHEL                                                                                                       Administrator from October  2016

unnamed-7For many years Pam was a director of Highland Wholefoods Workers’ Cooperative, where she regularly organised events to promote fair trade, particularly with regards to Palestine. Her passions, in addition to fair trade, are cooperatives, food (as a vegan with an allotment there is lots of cooking to be done!), social & environmental justice, and the Gaelic language. Tìoraidh!


BAFTS’ Applications and Renewals’ Panel members include shop members only. This Panel was set up following a Resolution passed at the BAFTS’ 2015 AGM in order to strengthen our internal monitoring and mentoring processes, and to aid members in setting future targets and completing their applications and renewals forms more accurately and in more detail. Originally the work of one person, this approach provides a more thorough review of all application forms, as a pooling of differing experiences and critical appraisal combines to give greater rigour to our Internal Monitoring System. This is vital in order that we may stand up to scrutiny as a networking organisation which applies strict standards. As a WFTO member, BAFTS is required to follow this course of action.

If you would like to find out more about what’s involved then why not contact one of the existing panel members or email membershipsupport@bafts.org.uk for an informal chat.



Joanna set up Aztec Arts in Oaxaca, Mexico in February 2005. Having travelled in the developing world, she had often been struck by the beauty and variety of crafts available and the need to develop markets for fairly traded crafts in the UK. Aztec Arts has been a member of BAFTS since 2006. Since setting up Aztec Arts, Joanna has visited WFTO producers in India and Thailand. In 2015 Joanna and her partner took over existing BAFTS member Accessory Fair. She helped launch Selby’s campaign for Fairtrade status after also being involved in the York Fair Trade Forum. She joined the BAFTS Board in 2011 because she is passionate about independent retail and feels BAFTS has a vital role to play in supporting and promoting fair trade retailing in the UK. Joanna was elected Chair of BAFTS in May 2013 and stood down as Chair (or indeed any titled Board role) at the AGM in May 2017.

MARTIN MIKHAIL (New Applications’ Coordinator)

martinMartin is Centre Coordinator of Reading International Solidarity Centre (RISC), one of the UK’s principal Development Education Centres, working with schools and community groups to raise the profile of global issues and promote action for Fair Trade, sustainability, human rights and social justice. He has been involved continuously with Fair Trade for the last 30 years. RISC was a founding member of BAFTS.

For the last 20 years his role as Centre Coordinator has been in networking, project development and management of RISC’s commercial activities. Within the Centre are the World Shop and Global Café. The World Shop has grown to be the biggest Fair Trade shop in the UK. Profits from both have always been used to support Global Citizenship education, advocacy and campaigns eg Fair Trade and world trading policies.

His experience and involvement in Fair Trade is far-reaching, including: setting up and managing Fair Trade retail outlets; lobbying and campaigning e.g. Reading was one of the first UK towns to become a Fair Trade town in 2004; organising public awareness events eg exhibitions and conferences on Fair Trade. From one such event at RISC, Zaytoun was formed by two activists who met and decided they wanted to support Palestinian olive farmers; producing the Reading Fair Trade Directory annually; organising events annually for Reading Fair Trade Fortnight. He is a WFTO Associate Member and familiar with key developments in fair trade including WFTO’s Guarantee System. He keeps up to date with developments in Fair Trade and trade policies in Europe and the rest of the world; attending WFTO Conference and AGM in Milan representing BAFTS.


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