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SAY IT! is a social enterprise set up in Malta to provide a platform for the empowerment of young people through their ideas, talents and initiatives. It seeks to be a self-sustainable, resource and service centre for youth work. Say It! is an entrepreneurial arm that provides the YOUTHEME Foundation (vo 873) with the possibility to fund its core administrative needs while also supporting the foundations work supporting youthwork, and development.
It is the brain child of 2 friends and youth workers from Malta; Simon Schembri and Albert Debono. Having met and worked in various youth initiatives in their youth, they shared a dream of becoming youth workers and setting up a youth work practice with a clear vision to sustain support youth and development work. We do this through informal education initiatives, training courses and the promotion and selling fair trade goods through a shop which also doubles for a real life experiment in social enterprise through which to educate and empower.


Paola Malta



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