Dundee Ethical Christmas Fair Caird Hall Official Launch 5th Dec 2017


This is the second year that Kathryn has been invited to speak at the Official Launch of the Dundee Ethical Christmas Fair, invited by Tania Pramschufer, Director of Hand Up Events www.handupevents.co.uk This Edinburgh-based concern is a social action events company, which creates positive cultural exchange events such as markets, fashion shows, conferences and festivals. Their largest area of work is supporting fair and ethical trade, in well-attended locations, which attract exhibitors from across the globe. Kathryn has so far represented BAFTS visiting their Ethical and Fair Trade stalls on the (Edinburgh) Fringe in the Summer of 2016, at their 2016 Ethical Christmas Fair Official Launch, and at their FASHIONable event timed to coincide with World Fair Trade Day 2017 alongside able-bodied and less-able bodied models showing off fair trade, local, upcycled and ethical fashion at its best!

Once again she was thrilled to head up to Dundee to participate in an event showcasing a wonderfully eclectic mixture of stalls, both local, ethical, national, international, and fair trade, and including some BAFTS members such as Lumina Jewellery, Zuri Design, and Blue Llama (regular attendees). Others who exhibited were Fair Trade Scotland with sumptuous fair trade tartan produced in Cambodia by WFTO producers, regular visitors from abroad such as Dorostel International, and Sanyo Crafts, from Kenya; local food stalls, local artists and craftspeople, Dundee Fair trade Forum, and a wide selection of gin sellers!

This year we also had the good fortune of having Fair trade ambassador and prominent TV presenter/ journalist Gail Porter attending the Launch, alongside the Lord Provost; Lou Marshall, female piper extraordinaire; and erstwhile brickie turned internationally renowned Scottish tenor Martin Aelred, who is the Dalai Lama’s favourite opera singer. Martin Rhodes from the Scottish Fair Trade Forum stayed a few hours, Sarah Craig, Dundee’s City Markets Manager was in attendance; Tania’s assistant Olga, Tommy the photographer and two sets of TV cameras! It was an honour to be able to represent BAFTS alongside such celebrities and key fair trade supporters. (Below pic L to R Scottish Piper Lou Marshall, Gail Porter, Sarah Craig, Dundee City markets Manager, Kathryn, BAFTS’ Executive Officer).


Bang on 12 noon, the Launch started with singing and piping in front of the Marquis, then we paraded in with Santa, and Tania officially opened the event, welcoming dignitaries and supporters, followed by Gail Porter enthusing and delighting the crowd; Dundee City Council representatives explaining their involvement and commitment; Martin Rhodes from Scottish Fair Trade Forum, Eve Broadis from Fair Trade Scotland, and myself, all introducing ourselves and the organisations or businesses which we represented. Martin Aelred serenaded the crowd which of course went down wonderfully to round off the opening celebrations. Then there were lots of photographs and camera crews ready to talk to Tania who was delighted with the media coverage.

There was an opportunity to talk to current BAFTS members and ask what we could continue doing for them, and look for potential new members, whilst allowing shoppers to browse freely. There are quite a few stalls which have some fair trade lines, some organic, some ethical and so it provides an opportunity to chat and find out more about some other businesses and their stock. The event was well attended for the Launch and hopefully will continue to be until it finishes on 23rd December. For more information go to the website above under the header “Dundee Christmas Market”. This wonderful short video from Ethical TV sums up the festive atmosphere on the Launch day!

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