Impressionen aus der Produktionsstätte und dem Laden von Tribal Textiles

For A Few Pesos More

For A Few Pesos More

BAFTS’ (The British Association for Fair Trade Shops, now the British Association For Fair Trade Shops and Suppliers) video originally published in 2002 “For A Few Pesos More”. Produced in conjunction with Pangea, Rome Italy, during JAFA project (Joint Action for Fair Alternatives) with co-financing from the European Union – DG Development. Other partners: Gaia Education Centre, Greece; Uusi Tuuli, Finland; War on Want, Northern Ireland; Associacao Reviravolta, Portugal. Copyright B.A.F.T.S. 2002

All year long the farmer tills his soil,
To harvest a crop that’s as precious as oil.
One year’s work without hope or means,
What did he get for his coffee beans?
Just three pesos, just three,
For one year’s work and his crop of coffee.

The guy who buys his coffee doesn’t speak his lingo,
He’s a smooth-talking, hard-selling, tight-fisted gringo,
Cotton, bananas, cocoa and cafe,
What do you think he gets for his pay?
Three thousand pesos, a thousand times three, ) these 2 lines
For a quick slick chat to buy some coffee. ) x2

Cotton, bananas, cocoa and coffee,
Take a month to cross the wide blue sea.
The London dealer gets three million clean,
For a two-second sale on his PC screen.
The sweatshop boss yells from his office
“Lay off some workers, we’re losing our profit”
He looks at his Rolex, it’s getting late,
Back home to a mansion on his country estate.
Three thousand pesos,no longer enough, ) these 2 lines
Now it starts at a million, and it keeps going up. ) x2

A scientist arrives from the US of A
And studies our bean in a whole new way.
“Try out this spray with added genes,
It’ll make it grow better, tho’ it won’t be too clean!”
The TV actress is a famous star,
Who struts her stuff for a coffee jar.
With flying coffee beans in a sexy pose,
She gets a cheque with seven zeros.
One little bean of all the coffee ) these 2 lines
Costs more than farmer, field and crop all three.) x2

The smooth exporter plays his tricks
The London trader gets rich quick.
The sweatshop boss puts his feet up,
The US expert rejects his cup.
Manager, actress, banker, ad-man,
Are happier and richer than beforehand.
All the work done by the poor farm hick, ) these 2 lines
For just three pesos, and a one penny tip.) x2

One way we can improve the global lot
Is to treat people fairly and improve their lot.
Part of the world has been plundered for years
By those who don’t care for their victims’ tears.
The only thing that turns these cheaters on
Are stock exchange prices, not human lives gone.
Lucky for you in trade these days, ) these 2 lines
We can show you a better way out of this maze. ) x2

Another farmer worked a year on his land
But instead of going to market he took power in his hands.
By meeting someone else, just a guy down-to-earth,
Someone who pays him what his work is worth.
He knows that an hour should be paid just the same,
For an ordinary worker or a famous name.
His goods are now sold in Fair Trade Shops, ) these 2 lines
That pay a proper price for his work and crops. ) x2
Outside the trap of the free-trade maze ) these 2 lines
United in the justice of the Fair Trade ways. ) x3

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