FSPs (Fairtrade Sourcing Programs): what they mean

As news breaks today, just ahead of Fairtrade Fortnight, about Mars Chocolate UK being the first UK company to enter into a Fairtrade Sourcing Program for cocoa, we have shortened an article from the Fairtrade Foundation to explain the differences between products sourcing only one ingredient under fairtrade terms, and “all-that-can-be” Fairtrade products, plus looking at changes to labelling. The whole article can be found at http://www.fairtrade.org.uk/en/for-business/ways-of-working-with-fairtrade/fairtrade-sourcing-programs

“Fairtrade Sourcing Programs for cotton, cocoa and sugar were introduced by Fairtrade International in January 2014 to boost the volumes of cotton, cocoa and sugar that Fairtrade certified farmers are able to sell on Fairtrade terms so that greater impact can be delivered for small-scale farmers in the developing world, who rely on Fairtrade to earn a fair price and work towards a more sustainable future.

Over the years, with the support of businesses, we have made significant headway in making trade fairer for farmers and workers in the developing world. But currently just 1.2% of global cocoa sales and less than 1% of global sugar sales are Fairtrade.

Fairtrade Sourcing Programs are an additional way for businesses to source Fairtrade, and runs in parallel to the existing FAIRTRADE Mark. Under the new scheme, businesses can source Fairtrade cocoa and sugar as raw commodities, and communicate their commitments through the FSPs.

FSP explained

Fairtrade Sourcing Programs were launched in some international markets earlier in 2014 – including Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Holland and Japan. As a result, global volumes of producers’ sales of Fairtrade cocoa are set to increase by over 20% in 2014, leading to an extra $1.8m in Fairtrade Premium for cocoa farmers.

We are now looking to work with UK businesses in key product categories with the explicit focus on securing new and additional commitments for sugar and cocoa farmers, alongside the range of products certified by the familiar FAIRTRADE Mark.”

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