Rainbow Turtle wins “Outstanding Achievement” for Fairtrade Fortnight Display

Rainbow Turtle Scoops Annual Fairtrade Campaign Award

Rainbow Turtle has received the Outstanding Achievement Award in the annual Fairtrade Campaign Awards as judged by the Fairtrade Foundation. The group was recognised for their commitment to raising awareness about the principles and values of Fairtrade in their local community during Fairtrade Fortnight 2016, a highlighted campaign for the grassroots movement in the UK.

The Outstanding Achievement Award is given to a group that has created a campaign which impressed the judges in all areas, namely, a well-planned campaign that reached lots of people and communicated the Fairtrade message imaginatively. Rainbow Turtle was established in 2002 with a charity that raises awareness about Fair Trade issues and supports producer groups in the developing world; a trading company that promotes the sales of Fair Trade goods through its shop on Gauze Street, Paisley; and its sale or return service throughout Renfrewshire. Josh, the charity’s education officer, works with schools and community groups to help them achieve their Fairtrade goals and has recently made links with several other local community groups under the banner of ‘Common Threads’ linking Paisley’s history in textiles with the clothing industry in the developing world today.

This Fairtrade Fortnight, Rainbow Turtle Charity decided to highlight the Fairtrade Foundation’s theme of Breakfast and their slogan ‘Stand up for Farmers, Sit down for breakfast’ by creating a ‘Living Window Display’ in the Rainbow Turtle shop. People from Renfrewshire schools, churches, community groups, Fairtrade campaigners, politicians and Rainbow Turtle volunteers were asked to sit in the window and eat breakfast while explaining why they believed standing up for farmers and choosing Fair Trade was important. An innovative Fair Trade feast was provided by Ken Clark of Redss Catering. Only Ken can put Fair Trade and breakfast together with delicious selection of haggis, fava beans and muffins!

On receiving the award, Jim Rutherford from Rainbow Turtle Charity, said:  “Rainbow Turtle, here in Paisley, is thrilled have won this prestigious UK award and many thanks are due to all who organised and took part. It was a really positive event and certainly showed how simply using Fair Trade products can enable people in other countries to break free from grinding poverty and unfair trading practices, giving hope and opportunities for their families. Fair Trade is a tangible and positive lifeline which really does make a difference”.

Proudly displaying their award for "Outstanding Achievement", members of Rainbow Turtle Charity

Proudly displaying their award for “Outstanding Achievement”, members of Rainbow Turtle Charity

Martin Rhodes, director of the Scottish Fair Trade Forum said “It is great to see Scotland so well represented in these UK-wide awards including the Outstanding Achievement Award for Rainbow Turtle. Pioneering Fair Trade organisations like Rainbow Turtle have ensured Fair Trade’s successes so far and importantly they are essential to ensuring the future of Fair Trade.”

Adam Gardner, Communities Campaigns Manager at the Fairtrade Foundation, said: “Rainbow Turtle has made an exceptional commitment to farmers and workers around the globe who are continuously working hard to bring us the products we love. All too often these communities are not receiving a fair price for their work, but campaigners from Rainbow Turtle have shown their dedication to this cause. It’s so important for communities to get involved and let their voice be heard. “Thanks to the ongoing support of campaigners and businesses around the UK, Fairtrade today reaches millions of vulnerable farmers and workers in over 70 countries. We are constantly inspired and surprised by the overwhelming support the UK public shows Fairtrade. Thank you and congratulations to Rainbow Turtle for making an incredible contribution to the Fairtrade movement.”

Fairtrade has paved the way for sustainable trading by providing a safety net for world’s poorest farmers against volatile market prices, and the Fairtrade Premium to invest in vital community, business and environmental projects. The UK has one of the most powerful networks of Fairtrade campaigners in the world, including over 600 Fairtrade Towns, 1350 Fairtrade Schools and 170 Fairtrade Universities, and 7,500 Fairtrade places of worship.

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