Here you will find New Member Application Form for Shops, Suppliers and DSRs (Direct Sourcing Retailers),the WFTO 10 principles of Fair Trade, our fee structure, then other documents such as current BAFTS’ Trails, Links with other Organisations, and lists of our Shops, Suppliers and DSRs. You will also find the BAFTS’ Code of Conduct. Resources will be updated at regular intervals. Renewals forms are found in the Member Resources, after log-in.

1)  (For Shops, Suppliers and DSRs – the BAFTS’ Panel will assess your application and place you in the most appropriate category) BAFTS-NEW APPLICATION FORM 2017

2) WFTO Ten Principles of Fair Trade

WFTO Principles

3) BAFTS’ Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct and Compliance Procedure 2012.13 

4) Links with other organisations

BAFTS is pleased to work with like-minded organisations at international, national, regional and local levels. The attached document outlines some of the organisations with whom we work on a regular basis, gives a snapshot of what they do, and provides hyperlinks through to their websites. These include WFTO, The Fairtrade Foundation, Fair Trade Wales, Scottish Fair Trade Forum, The Fair Trade Advocacy Office, The Trade Justice Movement, Fairtrade Yorkshire and Shared Interest.

Links with other organisations

5) List of BAFTS’ DSRs (Direct Sourcing Retailers)

This is the current list of DSRs as a downloadable PDF. It lists name of business, location and countries from which they import. BAFTS’ members can ask for an Excel document of DSRs who have agreed to share their emails, to be sent out via email.

BAFTS’ DSRs 13.11.2017

6a) List of BAFTS’ Shop Members

This is the current list of shop members, which lists name, location and a short paragraph of information about each one. BAFTS’ members can ask for an Excel document of Shops who have agreed to share their emails, to be sent out via email.

List of BAFTS shops 20 11 17

6b) List of physical BAFTS’ shops 

List of BAFTS Physical Shops 22.11.2017.

7) List of BAFTS’ Suppliers BAFTS’ members can ask for an Excel document of Suppliers or DSRs who have agreed to share their emails, to be sent out via email.

Supplier list 8.12.2017

8) BAFTS’ Memorandum and Articles of Association. The articles were amended following a Resolution passed at our 2017 AGM on 22.5.2017, whereby the length of time after which an organisation’s membership is lapsed is reduced from three months to six weeks. This applies to a first period of six weeks after the member renewal due date in which to submit their Renewal application, and a further six weeks after an invoice has been issued to pay their membership fee.

BAFTS revised Arts of Assoc 5 2017        BAFTS.Memorandum

9) SummaryofresponsestoDutchSurveyonfairtradehandicraftsinUK

10) Fair World Project‘s FREE TRADE V FAIR TRADE video

11) Equal Exchange (US) Comic Book  “The History Of Authentic Fair Trade”

This is an excellent resource (July 2014) from Equal Exchange US and is US-focussed, but has relevance to the UK. As the Equal Exchange US website states: ” In comic book format, we present a version of Fair Trade that is shared by many Equal Exchange colleagues, allies, and partners.  We hope that by presenting this material in this way, with heroes and villains, and condensed stories, it will pique the reader’s curiosity so that she will dig deeper, ask questions, and ultimately make a conscious decision about where she stands in relation to small farmers, co-operatives, and democratic movements, as well as corporations, certifying agencies, and alternative trade organizations.” You can read the comic book on http://www.equalexchange.coop/comicbook , download it, order hard copies or read it in Spanish as well!

 12) Top DRawer Jan 2018

13) BAFTS Fairtrade – May 2017 (3) leaflet explaining the differences between Fairtrade, fair trade and conventional trade.

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