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Our Shops

BAFTS shop members are retailers who source at least 60% of their stock from fair trade sources and sell direct to the public. Many of them are small independent high street shops working to promote fair trade in their local communities. Others spread the word via e-commerce websites and market stalls.

If you visit one of our shop members you will find Fairtrade marked goods like coffee, chocolate, olive oil and snacks alongside homewares, fashion and giftware sourced from suppliers who are members of WFTO or BAFTS.

If you are thinking of applying to join us you will find more details of what makes you a great fit for BAFTS membership on our application form.

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Our Suppliers

BAFTS supplier members work with skilled artisans, makers, farmers and workers from marginalised groups in the majority world (Africa and the Middle East, Asia and Latin America). Members work with people in 29 different countries from Sri Lanka to Colombia, South Africa to Palestine They are required to adhere to the Ten Principles of Fair Trade, as established by the WFTO.

BAFTS supplier members sell products to independent shops so you may find their products in your local zero waste / eco store, museum or gallery or high street gift shop as well as our shop members. 

If you are an independent retailer looking for fair trade products to stock in your shop or e-commerce store, search using our member list.

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